OUCH! My Car!

Break out those photo's that you took for your insurance claims! I'm badly in need of a photo to post at the top of my blog. So, here is my idea. I will be hosting a picture contest called "OUCH! My Car!" Hopefully this will generate some interesting, funny, and amusing pictures. I will update everyone with more information on how to send your picture submissions, the starting date, closing date, etc, very soon. If you have a photo that you would like to submit, start looking now! Please do not send any photo's that are to graphic. I will not post any photo's that include pictures of people who have been seriously hurt, or killed, as a result of an accident. I recently had a tree branch fall about 30ft, and land on the top of my car! I will be sure to post some pictures for everyone. So, get your pictures ready, and Drive Safe!

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