Ways to Keep Your Auto Insurance Rates Cheap

Trying to keep auto insurance rates cheap is a popular goal among most drivers. So popular, in fact, that it can be a topic bragged about or discussed at dinner parties or friendly get-togethers. Everyone wants to find a great policy from a quality company for a low price. It’s the gold pot found at the end of a rainbow so to speak, and some drivers are adamant about finding that gold.
Whether it’s a driver who desperately needs to save money on their premium or a driver who just wants bragging rights, OnlineAutoInsurance.com can help those drivers find ways to keep their rates low and as inexpensive as possible.

#1 Compare Prices Often
In order to make sure you are getting the lowest possible price, you’ll need to compare prices between different companies a few times a year. Companies occasionally increase all of their driver’s prices across the board because they are in need of more profits. While company may see fit to do this, another company may not. The end result is you finding out that you can change companies, especially to a company that is offering a lower price for the same coverage. This can only be found when the policyholder compares prices regularly. A great and easy way to effectively compare prices quickly is by using our quote comparison tool, which can be found at the top of our homepage in a box asking for a local zip code.
#2 Drive Safely and Infrequently
Safe drivers will always pay less for their insurance compared to high risk drivers or drivers who have a couple tickets and accidents on their record. Insurers know when they provide insurance for a good driver, there is little chance that the “good driver” will be filing a claim any time soon. The way an insurer makes a profit is by getting more money coming in (premiums) than what they are paying out (claims). They reward good drivers with lower rates. If you are a good driver and don’t get tickets and accidents, you’ll pay less for insurance.
Also, the more miles that are put on a vehicle every year is more evidence that it is on the road and the chances of it being involved in an accident increase. When an estimated yearly mileage is a low number, the insurer knows the driver has a decreased chance of being involved in an accident and therefore the insurer can afford to lower their premium. Many people have an option to take a bus to and from work or school or to run errands. Others can use a cab or carpool with friends, neighbors or co-workers. There are ways to get around constantly using a car, which can lower your premiums.
#3 Take Advantage of Discounts
Don’t ever be too prideful to take advantage of the discounts that are offered by an insurer. If you don’t qualify for discounts, figure out what changes can be made that will allow you to qualify for discounts. Even if you only save a few dollars with a few discounts, they do add up to savings. Each auto insurance company may differ in their qualifications, so ask them before assuming you do qualify.
To name a few discounts that are offered, the good driver discount, good student discount, defensive driving course, and senior citizen discount are a few that typically offered by most insurers. There are also discounts offered for children who are attending colleges farther than 100 miles away as well as loyalty and retirement discounts. A responsible driver has a very good chance of qualifying for at least one discount.
#4 Clean Up Your Credit Report
Some insurers use a driver’s credit score to help determine their rates. They feel there is a connection between the driver’s financial responsibility and their ability to take responsibility behind the wheel. Their statistics can show how drivers with lower credit scores are involved in filing more claims. To some drivers it is an unfair use, especially if they’ve struggled financially due to chronic illness or job loss. Credit score isn’t always something people connect to auto insurance, but in some cases it is. Do your best to increase your credit score and get the negative marks erased.
#5 Lower Your Coverage
An easy way to get cheap auto insurance rates is by lowering the coverage amounts or dropping certain coverage types altogether. Every driver must carry the state requirements, but past that drivers can carry as much or as little coverage as they desire. Of course, it’s the best and safest route to have as much coverage as possible to protect the policyholder’s assets. But some people simply can’t afford full coverage. Go through the different parts of coverage on the policy and decide whether or not they are truly needed.
#6 Look at Your Vehicle
The type of vehicle that is driven and insured drastically affects the insurance premium cost. Older cars are less expensive to fix than newer, luxury cars and therefore cost less to insure. Vehicles that have certain safety features are also less to insure than vehicles without safety features. Sports cars, especially the ones driven by young males, are very expensive to insure because statistically they are involved in many accidents and filed claims. Insurers try to protect their earnings by increasing the premiums on certain vehicles. Contact your insurer to find out what cars could cost you less.
Getting cheap rates may initially seem like an unrealistic dream or goal, but it can happen when drivers do their homework and shop around. Taking responsibility and avoiding tickets and accidents by driving safely and obeying traffic laws will always help drivers get the best rates possible, especially in the long run. The other big thing to remember is to constantly compare rates to see what the going price is for the coverage you want. It would be sad to realize how much you could have been saving if only the comparing process began months ago.

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