Easy Tips To Lower Your Auto Insurance

By Hema Patel

We all have to have auto insurance and in most states it is not only a necessity but it's the law. The truth is, being involved in a traffic
accident is bad enough but being involved in one and not having auto insurance could break the bank also. Having insurance on your vehicle however should also not be a reason for breaking the bank. Here are some easy tips that you could consider that may help in getting you the best rates on your auto insurance.
Change Insurance Carriers
Switching insurance companies is a good choice if you have outstanding credit. However, if your credit is less than desirable, you probably should stay with your current insurance provider. The fact is consumers who have bad credit can pay twenty percent to fifty percent more for their premiums than others who have good credit.
If you are considering switching your auto insurance from one carrier to another, you should carefully analyze the other companies. Talk to your family members or friends about their experiences with other companies that your considering. Ask them things such as did they ever make a claim and how did that process go for them.
Do your due diligence on your prospective companies by accessing information gathered on them through the Better Business Bureau. You can also contact your state to check on any complaints that may have been files against insurance companies. If you find that a company has a grocery list of issues it would be best to pass and to continue your search. You do not need to hassle with a difficult company when it comes to filing a claim with them.
Use Discounts to Your Advantage
Switching auto insurance providers could save you hundreds, but it is also important to know the advantages of staying with your current company. Your insurance company, for instance, may give you a loyalty discount if you have been with them a year or more. They may also offer you discounts for having a good driving record, for operating your vehicle with certain safety equipment, being a senior citizen and for completing a course for safe driving to name a few.
Consider Raising Your Deductible
When you raise your deductible you will have lower premiums to pay. However do not opt for this if you think you will have trouble paying the deductible should a claim arise. You could set aside some money for this higher deductible in a savings account as long as you don't use it for something else. Once you determine that you can handle the higher deductible then it would be a safe option to use in order for you to save some money on your premiums.
Consider Dropping Some Coverage
If your current vehicle you are driving has higher than average miles on it or is older than 5 years old, then you could consider changing your comprehensive and collision coverage and opting for liability insurance coverage only. You could be paying more on your premiums than what the current worth of your vehicle is. It is also important to consider that if your vehicle is stolen you will not get anything from your insurance provider for it. You will also have to pay one hundred percent of any type of repairs if your involved in an accident and it was shown you were at fault. Having cheaper auto insurance is better for your long-term savings; however do not underestimate the risks involved and how this may hurt you also.
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